10-Panel Oral Saliva Drug Test
10-Panel Oral Saliva Drug Test
10-Panel Oral Saliva Drug Test Procedure

10-Panel T Cube Oral Saliva Drug Test

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  • 10 Drugs are screened  (See below for the list)
  • Saliva Saturation Indicator
  • Convenient Rapid Screening
  • Collect & Test in One Step
  • No Need for a Restroom
  • Fast & Easy to Read Result in 5 Minutes
  • 12-18 Month Expiration Date
  • Includes Carbon-Copy Drug Screen Results Forms
  • Approved for Employment and Insurance Testing

10 Drugs are Screened: AMP, BUP, OXY, BZO, COC, OPI/MOP/MOR, mAMP, MTD, PCP, THC.

(AMP) – 50 ng/ml
(BUP) – 5 ng/ml
(OXY) – 20 ng/ml
(BZO) – 10ng/ml 
(COC) – 20 ng/ml,
(OPI) – 40 ng/ml 
(mAMP) – 50 ng/ml
(MTD) –  ng/ml
(PCP) – 10 ng/ml
(THC) – 12 ng/ml


The 10-Panel Oral Saliva Drug Test uses human saliva to detect drug use. The saliva test is ideal for Forensic Use and simplifies the collection process with a fast saturating sponge. It includes a saturation indicator to ensure sufficient specimen volume is collected. It is easier to use than most saliva tests due to the quick sponge saturation (other brands take up to 10 minutes) and the included saturation indicator.


10 panel oral saliva test


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